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Chris Stone


My name is Chris Stone.

I am a software developer with full-stack experience and an interest in accessibility and design. I am a proponent of mob programming and working collaboratively. I look for the simplest possible solution to problems because I view code as a means to being able to deliver value to a user, and the best answer is going to be the most readable and the most maintainable. I use test-driven development where possible to keep the code-writing process consistent.

I also have experience public speaking and I have given talks at several technical events. Putting a talk together helps give me confidence that I understand a subject well enough to be able to teach concepts to others, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to formulate a session that is as orderly and engaging as the kind that I would enjoy viewing myself if I were in the audience. Sharing things I have learned is also a way that I can give back and help pay forward all the lessons I learned to get where I am.

Outside of software, my hobbies include playing video games (especially role-playing games with good stories), reading tarot cards, cooking and eating vegan food, running for exercise, and trying to find time to read more books. I live in Atlanta with my wife and two cats.