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Remote Mob Programming: An Introvert's Tale of Working Collaboratively

Why would an introverted person prefer to only write code with other people in all-workday-long Zoom calls? After all, writing code is considered by some to be a solo activity, with pair programming being a “once in a while” activity. But despite being introverted and typically needing my alone time, I have loved working this way for over two years now, and I believe that the best code I have helped write is code that was written collaboratively.

Come learn what mob programming is and how it can possibly be effective in an organization. Listen to stories of how this style of work is possible in a remote job, and understand not just the potential benefits but also the technical and social challenges. And even if you prefer to work on your own or are not even a software developer yourself, you will gain a new perspective in how creating and maintaining things together—both within teams and across departments—can deliver better results and instill a sense of connectedness.

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