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Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer is a strategy that involves taking a complex matter and breaking it up into small batches that can be more easily completed than the whole.

It is sometimes erroneously used to illustrate the theory of the shortcomings of mob programmingwith having all members of a team focusing on only one thing at a time. This comes from a confusion over what is being divided in the famous phrase. If a team divides itself and tries to have every person solve things on their own, then it may be difficult to integrate those pieces together in the end. Consider a haunted house in a horror movie and the knowledge of the doom that will face the protagonists once they decide to split up, allowing themselves to be left vulnerable in the territory of the enemy. The true metaphor to divide and conquer on a team is not to divide the team but to divide the work that the team has to perform so that the work can be completed incrementally.