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These open source projects demonstrate things that I have learned outside job experience to continue my skills.

Website is my personal website. It currently uses Eleventy as a static site generator. It features information on talks I have presented as part of my technical speaking as well as projects I currently maintain. It also has a section dedicated to thoughts on various topics, ranging from summaries of certain concepts to blog-like articles. The website is deployed on Netlify. The website is open source and can be viewed on GitHub.

Netlify Status

The website is open source and can be viewed on GitHub.

Software Crafters Atlanta

Software Crafters Atlanta is a monthly meetup for programmers that are passionate about the craft of development. I am a co-organizer of our monthly meetup. More information can be found on Meetup. is a list of recommended books for software engineering and technical professionals. This application uses the Next.js framework, React library, Sanity CMS, Netlify Identity authentication, Netlify Functions API layer, and Tailwind CSS design templates. Users can log in and mark books as recommended or add one to their wish list. The home page shows the most popular technical books, starting with those that are most recommended, then most wished. Available at