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Scully: The Angular Jamstack Is Out There

Angular is a powerful web application framework that helps us build impressive enterprise applications, but as static “Jamstack” sites grow in popularity, those who maintain Angular apps may feel the grass is greener with other technologies that are optimized for faster page rendering. Fortunately, the open source tool Scully is a static site generator that works with Angular to pre-render content and deliver fast and secure websites that can still connect to APIs to render dynamic content as needed. In this talk, I will demonstrate Scully by showing how it can be added to an existing Angular project, explain how it actually works behind the scenes to produce the new static assets, and recommend some good practices for incrementally improving your Angular applications.

This talk has been given at the following events:

Chris Stone giving Scully: The Angular Static Site Is Out There talk at Atlanta Developers' Conference 2022


The slides for the most recent revision of the presentation can be found on Google Slides.


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